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Way Beyond Building

Most people call what we do construction. We, however, like to think of it more as creation. From conception to completion, our buildings and renovations are more than just wood and steel and nails. They are the work of inspired architects and skilled craftsmen. The result of impeccable management and open communication. And, of course, it all starts with our client's vision.

Sure, you can call what we do building. But at Grayson Construction, we believe we go way beyond building. And our clients tend to agree.


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What We Create

Innovative spaces. Historic restorations. Brand new structures. Complex renovations. At Grayson, we pretty much do it all. Restaurants. Retail. Residential. Commercial. And we do it all well.

Most importantly, we do it as a team – suppliers, architects, subcontractors, and tradesmen. For each and every project, we assemble a team that works seamlessly together to create a fabulous finished product that’s on time and within budget. Simply put: we meet, and even most often exceed, expectations. Because at Grayson, satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome.


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What We Believe

We believe people are the most important part of any project or business. Again, we don't just want to build a building. We want to earn the trust of our clients, and establish relationships that last much longer than one construction project.

And because people are the most important part of any project, we also believe construction shouldn't be a hassle for our clients. It should be a positive collaboration. A mutually beneficial undertaking. So we work very hard to minimize disruption during renovation projects. We keep all lines of communication open, at all times. We watch every penny. We eliminate surprises.

Basically, we keep our promises. It's just who we are, and how we work.


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